Friday, 25 April 2014


Spanish Atmospheric Black Metal FEGEFEUER ANILMATHIEL has recently returned with a full-length CD entitled "Trostlosigkeit". The album is independently released on April 4th, 2014 contains 8 songs, as the followiing tracklist:

1. Melancholie - 2:14
2. Einsamkeit - 2:43
3. Dunkelheit - 14:14
4. Licht - 09:09
5. Verderben - 14:32
6. Wälder der Verwüstung - 14:25
7. Das Ende - 14:32
8. Ruhe in Frieden - 3:24

Total playing time: 75:13 minutes

Get this CD now if you like to give a listen to a good Atmospheric Black Metal with symphonic and orchestral elements. "Trostlosigkeit" has been recorded by Herthenarth (All instruments, Vocals), the one and only musician behind FEGEFEUER ANILMATHIEL in Dunkelstern Records Studio.

Here you can have a full preview of a song entitled 'Dunkelheit', the third track in "Trostlosigkeit" CD. Listeners can hear for more at:

FEGEFEUER ANILMATHIEL also informed that he's currently working on a new CD entitled "The Mourning Woodlands". Find herewith, a preview of a song named 'Moonlight'.

For further and other information: