Friday, 28 February 2014

ULGOROTH - Uthrimm

Ulgoroth is a new one-man-black metal project from Germany. Ulgoroth was founded by Njól in October 2012. The first demo recordings named "Uthrimm" were published in 2013. Genre: Depressive / Atmospheric / Ambient Black Metal. Lyrical themes and influences: endless landscapes, solitude, nature, sorrow, nebulised spirit, melancholy love, darkness, life and death.

"Uthrimm" released on 9 September 2013. All music, lyrics and artwork by Njól of Ulgoroth. There are 6 tracks included in the demo, as follows:

01. Kristallkörper (Intro)
02. Kalter Wind - Trostlos
03. Wanderer der Himmelskörper
04. Irrleuchten einer Nachtvision
05. Mein inneres Uhrwerk
06. Abgrund trister Nebelfelder