Friday, 7 February 2014

WINTER ETERNAL - Selftitled Debut Album

WINTER ETERNAL from Athens, Greece formed in April 2011 by Soulreaper (guitars/bass/vovals). It's a Melodic Black Metal one-man-band, with many and different influences; Dissection, Ulver, Rotting Christ etc. Lyrical themes are darkness, pain and anti-religion. The first demo called "Darkness Guides Me" self-released back on January 20th, 2012, featuring 4 tracks.

End of the year 2013, December 22nd, the debut full-length album "Winter Eternal" was released by country-mate label Metal Throne Productions. As per said by Soulreaper, the first three tracks are written in 2002-2004 back when the band's name was Unveiled Nightsky. The self-titled album consists 8 tracks, including an instrumental 'Forbidden Land of Sorrow'.

1. Unholy Flames (3:08)
2. Palace of Despair (3:53)
3. Wolves Cries (4:00)
4. Forbidden Land of Sorrow (1:42)
5. The Moon Shall Rise (3:57)
6. Celebrating the End (5:02)
7. Winter Eternal (3:57)
8. Unmask the Eternal Lie (3:38)

This is "Winter Eternal" track from the first, self titled Winter Eternal full-length album. The album was recorded during 2013. Recording and production took place at Clepsydra Recordings by Panagiotis Misdeal. Drums were recorded at Entasis studios.