Saturday, 23 August 2014

ASTRAL ROOT - Voices From the Void

ASTRAL ROOTS is a Black/Doom Metal band from Chile, formed in 2012. Musically, the band influenced mostly on DSBM and early Doom Metal bands. Back on March 21st, 2014 a United States' based label RAZED SOUL PRODUCTIONS released their debut full-length entitled "Voices From the Void" CD limited to 500 copies [Catalog ID: RZD 059]. The album contains 5 tracks, more than 48 minutes in total playing length and talks about death, loss, sorrow, nature and loneliness lyrically.

01. Falling into the Abyss - 11:45
02. The Mark of Oblivion - 8:34
03. Absent (instrumental) - 6:08
04. Cold - 11:30
05. Lost Days - 10:12

"Voices From the Void" represents the debut material from Chilean artist ASTRAL ROOTS and features a doom ridden brand of melancholy.  With lengthy tracks displaying a variety of paces, the work is meant to be taken in its entirety as a complete opus.  Alternating rises and falls take the listener on a journey which is both sombre and pensive and, in the end, leaves a feeling of hollowness behind. - Razed Soul Productions

For those who interested in ASTRAL ROOTS "Voices From the Void" CD 2014 and want to get know how the band sound like, here are some demo version of the songs:

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