Monday, 18 August 2014

SOUL DISSOLUTION - Cold Rays and Grey Waves

SOUL DISSOLUTION is a project based in Belgium and can be described as Melancholic Black Metal, inspired by such bands as Alcest, Raventale, Drudkh, Svarti Loghin, Forgotten Tomb and the likes. This first demo, entitled "Cold Rays and Grey Waves", runs for 30 minutes and has just been released, both on CD-R (through CVLMINIS - and on tape (self-release).

01. The Smell of Freedom - 7:11
02. This Red Painting in the Sky - 5:33
03. Waves - 8:04
04. The Final Dissolution : Part 1 - 7:53
05. (dissolution) - 1:51

Unbearable pressure, being torn apart... an existence can end in many ways.... It can also dim slowly, as a lantern in the growing fog, eventually disappearing from sight, dissolving into nothingness. Following the decline of this frail light is what this project is about....

SOUL DISSOLUTION was born as a side project of two members from L'Hiver en Deuil; Jabawock (also in Marche Funèbre) started composing new material as of Fall 2011, and was joined by Acharan (also ex-Sarin) towards the end of 2012 to perform vocal duties. 

This lineup recorded the first demo, Cold Rays and Grey Waves, which will be released on CDR by CVLMINIS (Russia, sub-branch of Rigorism prod), and self-released on tape, in the course of summer 2014. 

The demo was recorded in Spring 2014 at Celestial Event studio using programmed drums, though Celestial himself (also in Bones) is foreseen to be the drummer for the future releases. A first full-length album is already in preparation, and can be expected for 2015.

Jabawock - All Instruments, Lyrics
Acharan - Vocals