Sunday, 11 May 2014

NEROPULSAR - In the shadow of that Cross

The first EP of Neropulsar, "In the shadow of that Cross" was initially a self-produced work, at a later time, the No Remorse Records, based in Gibraltar, has been interested in all album and decided to publish it, releasing the November 8, 2013, but we are not tied to the No Remorse, by any contract or obligation. In any case, it is ready, awaiting publication, the second studio album of the band, called "The Winter", 7 new tracks, ranging from the Old School Black Metal, to Depressive Suicidal Black Metal. Work absolutely ready and waiting only for a good distribution and advertising.

1- A Virgin for Baphomet (Intro)
2- The Eiaculation of the Goatgod
3- Follow the Rain
4- The Cat and the Monster
5- The Sun No Longer Rises
6- Our Gift (Outro)

The project Neropulsar, was born in 2013 from the ashes of the defunct band Gruesome Splendour, where militated bassist / vocalist Malphas and the guitarist Kodmar. Shelved the project above, for reasons of various kinds, Malphas and Kodmar wents to work in black metal, with the new band, which became known as Neropulsar. The idea comes to life in ' August 2013 with the release of the band's first EP, entitled "In the shadow of that Cross" consists of 6 pieces, ranging from black metal to old school Depressive Suicidal Black Metal. After a few months, the guitarist Paimon, joins the training. For now, we have no plans to play live.

The November 8, 2013, "In the shadow of that Cross" was published by No Remorse Records. Since then, we have been dedicated to the promotion of the band and participate in various compilations. In short, it will see the light according to the work of the Neropulsar, entitled "The Winter" with the new line-up. The New EP is ready and waiting to be published. We are also working on an album Split, which will contain 3 new songs from Neropulsar.

Line Up:
Malphas - Vocals, Bass & Lyrics
Kodmar - Guitars, Keyboards & Programming
Paimon - Guitars, Bass

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